Board of Directors

The WOTA Board of Directors meet regularly. Meetings are open to all WOTA members. Contact the WOTA office at 608-819-2327 or by email at [email protected] for information on how to attend the meetings (many are done via online or phone conference). View the schedule, and related minutes here.


Kelly Sajdak, OTR (2017-2019)

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Executive Director

Laura Kocum



VP - External Affairs

Katy Wenzel, OTR (2019-2021)

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VP - Membership

Amber Donovan (2017-2019)

VP - Practice

Joan Sorteberg, OTR (2018-2020)

VP - Professional Development

Jennifer Labonte (2017-2019)

VP - Internal Affairs
& President-Elect

Nicole Boyington (2019-2021)




Laura Futterer, OTR (2018-2020)


Kelly Enghofer, OTR (2017-2020)


Cari Hansen (2019-2020)


District Chairs

North Central District Chair

Caroline Radlinger (2017-2020)

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North East District Chair

Alyson Windle (2017-2020)

North West District

Brittany Meyers (2020-2022)

South Central District 

Laura Nagel, OTR (2019-2021)

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 Emily Skaletski, OTR (2019-2021)

South East District

Olga Nestor, OTR (2019-2021)

Wendie Leveille, OTD, OTR/L (2018-2020)


South West District Chair

Michelle Hentges (2018-2020)